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Stop by St. John Church, 307 W. Clay St., Collinsville to register your children for this free summer lunch program! HHH Summer Camp is on Monday-Thursday from 12:00 -2:00 P.M. beginning on JUNE 4 and runs through JULY 26! The church is open until 6 P.M. today (Wed., May 30) and until 7 P.M. tomorrow (Thurs., May 31) Call Dana at 344-2526 for details. Please share this post so we can reach as many parents as possible!



Worship Service Flyer 2018



St John will be collecting the following to prepare Hygiene Kits for Church World Service (CWS). The hygiene kits will going out to Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other areas.

Please pick up a few extra items during your next shopping trip!

· Washcloths

· Wide-tooth combs

· Fingernail or toenail clippers

· Bath-sized bars of soap (in the wrapper)

· Toothbrush in the package

· Standard size Band-Aids

· One gallon sized plastic bags (zipper closure type)


The last day of HHH for the school year is March 27. Then the work begins on planning for the HHH Summer Camp free lunch program. We are looking for volunteers to assist with the lesson planning and volunteers willing to help with the meal prep and serving and the activities portion of the program. Contact Dana at 344-2526 if you can help!

Senior High Youth are selling plastic Easter Eggs which are filled with Easter and spring toys (no food) for $10/dozen. The youth will be out on Easter Eve (10-12pm Sat. March 31) to
deliver the eggs to each house. The youth will hide the eggs in your front yard, so when your children wake up on Easter morning the Easter bunny will have already been there. See the youth in the Atrium or Pastor Katie Jo to sign-up and purchase your eggs.