Wurst Market

For over 77 years St John Church has been making ‘fresh’ pork sausage for it’s Annual Wurst Market dinner and sausage sales. The tradition began in 1940 at member Max Keller’s farm. The Churchmen’s Brotherhood (now called Men’s Fellowship) butchered some of their farms hogs, processed the meat and made the church’s sausage dinner. Back then it was all made right at the farm.

Evntually the pork was purchased, but the sausage was traditionally made in the kitchen at St John. Around the late 1990’s the State of Illinois mandated that all sausage be made in a meat processing facility with a USDA label. We still continue to use the same recipe handed down from Amelia Roedger’s and our sausage is now processed at the local Troy Family Foods.

Today, Men’s Fellowship sells around 1,500 dinners and profits nearly $7,000. These proceeds benefit Church Missions such as Hoyleton Children’s Home, Collinsville Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels and more.

We hope you enjoy your time at the Wurst Market. Don’t forget to check out the Atrium area for nuts for sale and other items. Call 344-2526 to reserve your tickets today!



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